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Every one is a D’.B.A.G.(different but alright guy), myself included

TweetIn an attempt to be less judgmental & angry in my daily dealings with other people in a city where everyone is in a hurry & can get pretty rude it has become necessary to gain some perspective and empathy … Continue reading

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The Scorcher

TweetHaven’t ridden fixed gear in years & didn’t realize how much I missed it until I finally got this gusseted beast going. Despite the reinforcements it is a 3.5lb race frame, built up now for cruising but a quick bar … Continue reading

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Frame Discounts to Photographers

TweetI need some glossy, pretty, studio quality pictures of my frames, complete bikes, and shop action.  I have to concede that I am inept at capturing what I see through a lens. If you are a budding Avedon looking for subject … Continue reading

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Friday the #13th

TweetGood bikes with bad serial #’s get ridden to death by me.  I experiment more when building bikes for myself.

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A Family Affair

TweetVisited some of my bikes over the week end.  Pics of group shot and Mountain bike.  BBWs #16,17, & 20

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BBW #20 on The Roads of Boston

TweetJust delivered this,  a mix of old and new parts on super sprinty, semi-aero frame. 3.2lb frame, 18.4 lb. build w/ pedals.  Really like the chainstay gusset and cable routing.  

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Rented Parts, Letting Go

TweetFound a deal so good on another pair of carbon FSA cranks that I bought them despite full knowledge that they will not last till the end of the year.  I can’t wait to be in a financial position when … Continue reading

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TweetOn my way this evening to the holy land of cast off parts from professional racers and other’s who accrue bike stuff they can’t keep anymore, The Trexlertown Velodrome and Bike Park’s Spring Swap Meet.  It is kind of sad … Continue reading

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On the torch again

TweetThe short hiatus from actually building any bikes had me questioning if the 6 frames I’d gotten out the door in december, (all hand mitered and cleanly welded and reportedly the favorite bike of everyone that recieved one) wasn’t  some … Continue reading

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